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What is Title Insurance?

What is Title Insurance and the importance of it?

Bob Mello from North American Title breaks it all down with this very informational video. He didn’t need me around! He came in, and took off with his vast knowledge, pointing out how title uses the proceeds from a sale to pay off liens that are against the property and giving the Buyers, a clean bill of health, so to speak.

As it is mentioned in the video, Title can really be the silent partner in any real estate transaction but they can also be the most crucial. They clear title for the Buyer and Seller but they also, handle questions regarding property lines and easements that you may come with your property during escrow.

If you are conducting your real estate transactions with a Realtor, chances are that you will be working with a Title Company.  If you are NOT conducting your real estate transactions wth a Realtor, make sure that a Title Company is involved.  As a Buyer or a Seller, it can be crucial for a successful and smooth transition of property.

I want to thank Bob for his time and sharing this information.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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Christyna Butcher

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