FUN with Houses

FUN with Houses

Hey Everyone! I hope this finds you well. In this segment Nicki Ruddy, my friend of 25 years and real client answer some questions while keeping a sense of humor and letting our kids be kids. What can I say, we made our own “Bring your kid to work” Sunday.  And we managed to give a nod to the Big Bang Theory by incorporating a spin on “Fun with Flags.” If you have not watched those, look it up.

This was a lot of fun as I stated earlier, My daughter Amelia and my “adopted” daughter Krista (Nicki’s kid) makes an appearance to earn their titles as Producers.

I had a lot of fun and it was nice to be goofy and show sometimes a sense of humor is just as important as having a knowledgeable Realtor.

Until next time.

Talk to you soon,


Christyna was born and raised in the San Gabriel Valley, and has been in the real estate industry for 22 years. She takes pride in her professional “client first” mentality and providing her experience and ability to negotiate on their behalf – regardless of whether they are buying or selling. Her clients also benefit from her knowledge of the San Gabriel Valley and surrounding areas, including; the Inland Empire and Los Angeles. She also takes personal pride in raising her daughter with her husband in her hometown of Glendora. Christyna knows every client is important, and looks forward to accepting the responsibility of helping them meet their real estate goals.